Adam was born in Exeter in Devon and attended school at Uffclume Primary and Uffculme Comprehensive. When he was growing up he played a number of sports including golf, football and rugby. 

Music was usually an activity he only participated in for school productions, or for fun in his bedroom at home. His first solo performance was in an Oliver Twist musical production in his final year of primary school. He got his first guitar at the age of 11 after hearing a school friend play Nirvana songs on his guitar during school break times. All of his friends loved Nirvana and he liked the idea of playing the guitar and singing like Kurt Cobain. With his first electric guitar he discovered he could get a pretty heavy distortion sound if he plugged into the headphone socket of his parents stereo system. He didn’t have any FX pedals then so it was quite exciting and he could spend hours playing the same chords and simple riffs over and over, but he didn’t care, he just loved the sound. He remembers writing and performing a song with some classmates at school at the age of 13 and he also remembers playing the guitar for a group of girls in a school performance shortly after. 

Adam left secondary school and went to Duchy College in Cornwall to do a BTEC National Diploma in Golf Studies and a Foundation Degree in Golf Management. Whilst he was there he still carried on playing the guitar and singing in the halls of residence. It wasn’t long before college friends were encouraging him to play more music and they’d have mini parties in their rooms and the communal kitchen where the guitar would often be a feature. By the end of his college days music had become a more serious interest in his life and he started playing more gigs in public and getting paid for it. Adam did work a few years in the golf industry during his late teens and early twenties, but once he built up a regular gig circuit around the Southwest of England he decided to become a full time gigging musician and walked away from golf altogether. 

During his long break from the world of golf, he spent the first few years playing gigs and he also did some writing and recording projects. Although from Devon he landed up doing one of his first recording sessions in Hinckley after a friend had him sing to his parents over the phone. They owned a recording studio and suggested that he went up there to record some of his songs, so he did, and he loved the experience. Following on from those recording sessions in Hinckley, his next project was with his cousin Clive Smart. They teamed up to write an album and the project went by the name of Neosong which they released on a couple of small online platforms in 2006. 

Adam also had a period working at Mama Stone’s music venue in Exeter as a music booker and regularly performed with the Mama Stone’s House Band in the venue itself and for other events both public and private. During this time he also worked on some original music and made an EP entitled See The Light. 

Adam Isaac on a beach

One day some producers from the BBC TV series The Voice came to Exeter looking for possible candidates for the show. They came into Mama Stone’s while he was working there and asked if there was anyone they should hear sing and he and two other friends of his in the room were nominated there and then to each take the stage and sing. All three of them were then accepted by the producers of the show and encouraged to agree to go into a more serious addition process in London. After some serious consideration and discussion with friends and family. He decided to roll with it and go up to London for the next phase – and he really wasn’t prepared for what was about to come. He took a few trips back and forth to London and made it through to the televised blind auditions, Adam had both Tom Jones and Will.I.Am turn their chairs – Adam chose to go with Tom Jones’ as his coach and mentor. He stayed on the show for a while and made it as far as the live quarterfinals. This was an intense and eye-opening experience that he still sometimes thinks of as some kind of dream or like it happened to someone else.  

Since The Voice in 2012, Adam released an album entitled Train Tracks and continued playing music at venues, festivals, parties, weddings, ski resorts, award ceremonies and corporate events around the UK, Europe and other parts of the world including Dubai and Indonesia.  

Adam Isaac Surfing

Another activity he later grew to have a huge passion for is surfing. He didn’t really start surfing until his final year of college, so Adam would have been around the age of 20. In more recent years, he has been away on three surf trips overseas, one in Bali and two in Sri Lanka. For Adam, surfing is like a form of meditation and it also requires a good level of strength and fitness. When he was in Sri Lanka he managed to combine surfing and music. He wrote a handful of songs and played some gigs at Sion Surf Camp and a couple of other venues nearby including Water Creatures in Mirissa.